Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Siblings

Mummy brought me to Pet's Buddy yesterday for a bath!
N she spotted a black ChiHuaHua!
She's thinking to get me a brother o sister! WOOHOO~
But she's thinking to get a female o a male...
A poodle o an others...
I dont mind watever she get...I just dont wanna be alone!

Mummy mummy....pls~

Monday, August 10, 2009

Mummy's Lunar Bday

it's mummy's lunar bday
kai mummy dated us out!
kai mummy,nai mah,uncle jack,mummy n me
v went full house for dinner
mummy dont know it's her bday
kai mummy gave her a surprice
she was very touched oh
recieved her very first bday present this yr
it's cruel for me looking them eating
so lovely mummy ordered this special cooked chicken breast for me
n it cost RM18.90!!
but it really yummie yummie
thanx mummy

c kai mummy feeding me the chicken
she was so sweet
hope she will happy always like me~ XD
c kai mummy with me
she looks tired...
hope she will get a good rest tonite
i will miss u kai mummy
must come visit me n bring me out always oh
she is my nai mah lor
although she nvr feed me any "nai"
she's cute rite?
both kai mummy n nai mah siak me a lot de lor

c mummy so happy to recieve present
took photo with mummy,kai mummy n nai mah
i was happy
n then the waitress took this for us
this time uncle jack no need b camera man d
he is with us!
c how happy i m
i was just like a teddy bear in the pic
cute rite?

happy lunar bday to mummy

v'd spent almost a yr together lor!

im lucky to hav u

thanx for everything

thanx uncle jack for coming

kai mah with uncle jack
they were match rite?

who is she?

i also dunno

but she come n request to take pic with me

wooo hoo

im a star

nice to meet u auntie~

n who is this?

her name is QQ

a white poodle with pink ears

she was very fierce oh

wanna go make fren with her but too fierce d...

scared scared...

but yet i shared my chicken breast with her oh

im having a great nite

n now i got to sleep lor

nite nite everyone~


Saturday, July 18, 2009


remember a stupiak stray dog biten me months ago?
n i went through a minor surgery last month 15th
after tht surgery the swallon become better
but after the wound heal
there's a little bit swallon somemore at the part
mummy brought me to doctor goh on tuesday
doctor goh said if the swallon doesn't grow bigger
then it wont b a big problem
cos it might b scar tissue
but if it grow bigger day by day
then it means it was still infected n i do need a surgery AGAIN!
i was scare
but last 2 days my wound tore
i was in pain
n mummy was definately super worried
unfortunately mummy having exhibition at pwtc
so she hav no time to bring me to hospital
until today
kind aunty yu came n brought me to doctor tan
doctor tan called mummy
i heard wat they said
doctor tan said b4 this my wound only heal on the surface
but the inner part doesn't heal at all
n the wound is as deep as b4
she said i need another surgery
n mummy hav to decide either one of the 2 options
suggest by doctor tan
open 2 holes again like b4
n keep washing the wound
but this might cause the same problem like now in the future
make a bigger surgery
which is open up my "flesh" n stretch away all the infected parts
this will b better but sounds horrible terrible scary
mummy was asking is this method would heal me 100%
but doctor tan said there's no confirm
she said there's another doggie which face the same problem
n had went through 5 o 6 surgeries
only fully recover
this sounds hell
i duwan to go for another 4 o 5 surgeries!!!!
somebody help me
mummy decided to bring me to consult another clinic
b4 her final decision
as i heard from her
gasing hospital had a lot of trainee there now days
n she was worried they will pass my surgery to the trainee to do it
she wan the best for me
i was so scare
i was so pain
mummy was so worry
n her heart was bleeding as her tears was dropping tonite
i will b fine
i will b tough
dont worry too much
im ur precious baby tht u had trained me to b tough enuff to face everything
i love u
i know she hope to hear this from me

Monday, July 13, 2009

Outing With Levenn

still remember him?
so happy to meet him again at summit usj on sunday
there's a pets' event there
mummy bring me there with levenn
c my princess levenn
she is now botak!!
omg she is now more girly and look so slim
i bet u will love her too when u saw her
but she very notty lor
on the journey v heading to summit
she vomit on my mummy's handbag in my mummy's car
ough...tht was terrible
dirty levenn
aunty uncle from House Of Groomers giv me a free nail cut
uhhh uhhh
careful aunty...i duwan my nail to bleed again
during the event
they also provide free body checking for dogs
doctor said im very healthy
just the surgery wound still a bit swallon
there's lucky draw session too
but v doesnt win any
before going back
v pass by a booth selling yu shampoo
mummy brought one dry clean lotion for me
it smell good
it's my another happy day
meeting new frens at summit
at nite v go dinner at ss2 dai pai tong
then v went ikano pet's center
very tired going here n there with mummy n levenn
this whole day
but im happy happy happy
when will b our next outing?
r u guys gonna join us for the next time?
come on

My New Toys!!

i wasn't in good mood yesterday
dunno y
mummy was worried i know
she was trying hard to make me happy
but i just wanna b alone
n last nite mummy brought me back some new toys
finally i was happy n start enjoying my new toys with mummy
thanx mummy
this is my new DINO
as my old little Dino d dead in my bites
now i hav a bigger Dino
im a big boy d so my Dino also gonna b bigger

this was fun
it's a toy doggie with battery
he can bark n walk while wagging his tail
i was happy playing with him
but mummy will keep it after i played
cos mummy scare i will bite him
oh ya...
his name is WOW WOW

my new bow tie collar
love it
nice rite?
i look like a gentlemen with this

look at me
i was happy playing on mummy's bed
wearing my new collar
the red bow tie

day b4 yesterday v went ikano pet shop with levenn
n mummy brought me this new bed
love love

c now i can play with my Dino 2nd on my new bed
super happy me

Saturday, July 4, 2009

It's My Birthday!!

this morning when i woke up mummy greet me happy bday
it's my 1st bday today!!
my fur was un-groom
so mummy brought me to house of groomers
after tht i transformed into a very handsome boy as u can c from the photos below
yeah yeah

this is my bday cake mummy brought me from pawz bakery
it was lamb flavor
yummie yummie

also cookies and pupcake from pawz bakery
i guess my guest sure like it
mummy held a party at NZX Full House for me
levenn is coming mummy said

aunty Esther and her bf uncle Matthias
im so happy they came
they brought me present too

levenn daddy in pink uncle ah hao
the one in black is uncle ah ming
appreciate their attendance

look at me!
definately look like a prince in the tuxedo mummy brought me
n after the grooming i look even more handsome in the tuxedo rite?
i guess u guys d fall in love deeply in me
my gf,levenn
this fatty levenn still look sexy to me even her fur around her mouth
was full with peanut butter after she ate a big pupcake
mummy was wearing black n white to match me today
super happy in mummy warm huggies
love u mummy
thanx for everythings
yes yes yes
im super duper happy today
~~im 1~~
big boy d lor
but sob sob tht there's lots of lovely frens n aunty uncle tht cant make it
to my bday celebration today
playing around with levenn
as usual she is fierce
but i still love her
she's my princess today
uncle Matthias love me
he keep saying tht im very handsome
*shy shy*
it's time for the bday cake
i dunno how to blow the candle
luckily the fan over there help me to blow it d
yummie yummie
cant wait to taste the meatloaf cake
my favorite lamb with mash potato as icing
got a bday kiss from my princess
today is my luckiest day happiest day
levenn daddy n my mummy
with us
but y uncle hao not smiling
eh levenn
dont eat too much la u
fat fat d la
come i help u eat

hey giorgio
u dont disturb me can ah
u got ur own piece
i dont scare to b fat cos i know u will still love me though
then fine...
i eat mine n u eat urs
i know u cant stop eating,levenn
tht's y im so fit n u r fat
but anyway
u r always the prettiest cutest princess to me

yaya i know i should stop saying LOVE to levenn
everyone looking at me n levenn while v r eating the cake
i know wat they thinking
they wanna eat the cake too!!
cos it was really yummie!!
hey dad
wat r u trying to do to me
i kiss u u duwan then u keep blowing at me?
my pretty mummy and her handsome son
thank god i hav her as my mummy
muakxxx muakxxx
bek at home after the party

it's time for me to c wat i've got from all beloved uncle aunty

let me c....

wow wow wow
im lovin'em
chess cookies, vanilla milk cookies, canvas retriever roll
beef stick snacks,chicken breast snacks
tuxedo and a cool t-shirt
all r my favorite
a hundred thanx for all
for everything
for everyone
c im in the new t shirt
look cool rite?
it's a bit big but i think this is wat call hip-hop style
yo yo baby watsup
n i like my new toy
the canvas retriever roll
now i can play with mummy with another toy
she will throw n i will run to it
thanx everyone n everything again
it's a unforgetable bday
it's a unforgetable day
thanx for all the wishes
from all who came and who not appear but sending sms to mummy's phone
mummy read to me every single word
wish u guys hav a wonderful day
n bless with health always

Friday, June 5, 2009


last nite i finally saw my photos taken with mummy
on monday morning
v r happy
the photographer uncle sent us these
will hav somemore i think
but i like these few pics
i look handsome in those pics rite
i m tired
but still wanted to take photos with mummy

hide hide
this was the first pic i took with mummy tht day
im shy shy thts y im hiding from the camera
the photographer uncle still get to shoot my butt
uhhh uhhh